actor (plural actors)

  1. a person who performs in a theatrical play or film
  2. one who acts; a doer
  3. one who takes part in a situation
  4. (law) An advocate or proctor in civil courts or causes.
  5. (law) One who institutes a suit; plaintiff or complainant.
  6. (policy debate) One who enacts a certain policy action.
  7. (software engineering) The entity that performs a role (in use case analysis).


  • (person who performs in a theatrical play or film): actress (female), performer, player
  • (one who acts): doer
  • (one who takes part): participant
  • (advocate in civil courts or cases):
  • (a plaintiff): complainant, plaintiff
  • (one who enacts a policy action)
  • (entity performing a role in use case analysis): role

5 letters in word "actor": A C O R T.

Anagrams of actor:

Words found within actor:

act ar arc arco art at atoc car cart cat coat cor cot oar oat oca octa or ora orc orca ort rat rato roc rot rota ta taco tao tar taro to toc tor tora torc

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